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PLAA On The Radio


30-second radio spots will be aired during the Fall of 2013 and Winter of 2014, with which the PLAA hopes to raise awareness of Locksmith-related issues such as licensing and Locksmith impersonation schemes currently being perpetrated. The second spot began airing January 10.


In Edmonton, the spots are aired on 630 CHED and in Calgary, CHQR 770. Both stations can be found on the AM dial.


Play Radio Spot 2

Play Radio Spot 1


As of June 2010, all Locksmiths performing services to the public in Alberta, must be licensed by Alberta's Solicitor General's dept. under the Security Services & Investigators Act (SSIA) and be prepared to show this license on request. Read more about the Locksmith trade, it's qualifications & certifications here.


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"Local Locksmith Scammers"


The Locksmith community all over Canada & the US has coined the term "Local Locksmith Scammers" for a phenomenon that appears to involve persons impersonating a Locksmith for the purpose of extorting money from people in a time of distress.


The term has been so coined because of the fact that the "scammers" utilize internet services to appear local and gain an advertising advantage targeting a specific service need - lockouts.


In a typical episode, a person who has accidentally locked him or herself out of a home, calls directory assistance and simply asks for the number of the nearest Locksmith. Through the advertising genius of Google, Telus, etc., a company can pay a fee to ensure their telephone number comes up first in just such a situation, and that phone number is conveyed by the 411 operator. The consumer, believing he or she is calling a local company, unwittingly calls a call center thousands of kilometers away and receives a very reassuring promise, such as "We'll be there in 20 minutes and the fee will be $20.". Believe it or not, some people have waited 4-5 hours for someone to fulfill that promise. When a "Locksmith" arrives, usually in a personal vehicle with out-of-province license plates, he doesn't even try to pick the locks. Instead, he explains that the locks are a high security model and cannot be picked. He will have to drill the locks and replace them. The price is exhorbitant.



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