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 Subject :Appeal to former members.. 16-02-2014 14:35:49 
Shaun Lovell
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The PLAA is reaching out to past members to convince them to renew their support. Postal mail letters are being sent to members of record who have not renewed in 2 years or more.


We appear to have a bit of a PR challenge in that many people seem to think that the PLAA is somehow in charge of SSIA and is a proponent of the Act and current regulations, fees and enforcement. The fact is, that the impact of SSIA on the Locksmith trade is far less than it could have been, if the Board had not been so diligent in participating in public forums and encouraging Board members & PLAA members at large to make written submissions. As one of the folks who played a part in that process, I believe the people who blame the PLAA for SSIA should be thanking us instead, that it isn't far worse.


There is work still to be done. The current regulations make it quite difficult to start out new Apprentices and many feel that the act is not enforced in quite the right direction, i.e.; at "local" locksmith scammers. What is needed, is as many membership voices and membership dollars as we can muster.  To attain that, we want to convince the dissenters mentioned above, that we are truly on their side.


If you can get the attached letter into the hands of such dissenters, please do. If you can suggest a name & address to send it to, please drop Dave Kennedy a line.

 ReconsiderPLAA.pdf [44 KB] :: Letter sent to past members on or about February 18, 2014
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